Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smith's Case Lot Sale!!

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If you haven't already heard- it's time for the Smith's case lot sale!! There are several four and five star deals going on, so if you have some money left in your food budget for this week, it would be a very good idea to head over!

For a complete list of Smith's deals this week, go here. Scroll towards the bottom to see the case lot prices.

A few worth mentioning:

Kroger canned vegetables (corn, green beans, peas), .50 each ($11.99/case of 24)
Kroger Tomato Sauce, .20 each ($4.79/ case of 24)
Mandarin Oranges, .33 each ($7.99 case of 24)
Cream of Chicken/ Mushroom/ Celery soups, .50 each ($11.99/ case of 24)

I'd head over there sooner than later as these cases tend to go quickly!

Also, drop by the Smith's at 876 East 800 South, SLC on Friday, 4/3 from 3-5pm to see Clydesdale Horses! That might be kind of fun for the kids!!


Allie said...

On the PYP forum, it said tomato paste, not sauce (and oddly enough, the labels on the boxes of tomato sauce also said tomato paste)- I was bummed- that would have been an INCREDIBLE price on paste.

I did buy a case of tuna and a case of vegetable oil- the vegetable oil is a lot cheaper than what I usually buy at costco.

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