Thursday, March 25, 2010

Newspaper Subscription Deal: Get your Sunday Coupons for LESS!

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I have great news!
Newspaper subscriptions prices just went up!
Wait- that's not good news...

but this is...
I am now able to offer you all the
guaranteed best price available
on newspaper subscriptions!

Did you know that
just about anyone in Utah
can get the Deseret Morning News
and the Salt Lake Tribune?

Did you also know that the Deseret Morning News
and the Salt Lake Tribune get extra inserts
several times throughout the year that other
local papers don't get?!

I am now able to offer you the best price available (less than $1/ week!) for subscriptions to both the Deseret Morning News and the Salt Lake Tribune!

As part of this deal, you'll also receive gift cards to Smith's for any 6-month or 1- year subscription, when you order 2 subscriptions or more! My gift card amounts are higher than most other Utah promotions are offering, which in turn benefits YOU!

Order 2 Sunday papers- receive a $12 Smith's gift card!
Order 3 Sunday papers- receive a $18 Smith's gift card!
Order 4 Sunday papers- receive a $24 Smith's gift card!

Contact me via email & I'll give you all the details!
Just send me an email : utahdealdiva (at) gmail (dot) com
I also offer subscriptions for local papers at discounted prices! Contact me to get subscriptions for the Daily Herald, the Logan Herald Journal and the Standard!

Fine print: No, I don't work for any of these newspaper companies! I was just able to team up with them to offer a great deal on subscriptions with the idea that effective couponing requires a newspaper subscription. I'm not listing the prices for the subscriptions because they can change by a few pennies periodically and I just don't want to have to change this post every month!


Angelina said...

Can those of us that don't live in Utah still get this deal? I live in Puyallup WA but am very interested in getting just the inserts. Let me know. Thanks Angela

Anonymous said...

where in utah county can i get a sunday paper mid week... eagle mt. city center is completly out ;( thanx sharon

Shannon said...

Can you get the Sunday paper mid-week?

Anonymous said...

Can people outside of Utah get this paper?
I see that someone else asked that question but I cannot see what the answer was.

Heather said...

Hi Jessica!
Thanks so much for posting the link to my new blog with the story about Family Fresh Foods in Ogden! I'm into my 2nd week and loving it! I wanted to let you know that I referred my readers to your papers deal to tell you thanks!

Utah Deal Diva said...

I apologize- but these offers are exclusively for Utah residents!

Anonymous said...

Can I still get this deal? If so, how??

Kristin said...

shannon, you can go to the daily herald office on freedom blvd. in provo and buy any paper from the past few months.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, my name is Kasi don't know if you remember me. A friend of mine wants to get the paper she's interested in the spectrum. When she called they said they no longer have the extra papers available. Since you have the best deals, do you know if she can get them through you? If so, can contact me then I will have her send you all her info to get it started. Thanks,

John, Ashlee, Avalon Barnhill said...

I currently get the Standard, where i get 3 papers on Sunday, and 1 every weekday, for $15 a month. How is your Deseret deal better? I don't necessarily read/want the paper every day, it's just the way that they have it set up. I'd be interested in switching if it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi I am would love to get a good sucscription could you please tell me how. My email is

rosietheriveter said...

I live in weber county. I only get the red plum insert in my mail. Do any UT papers offer the redplum insert?

Anonymous said...

I hate the Daily Herald, but live in UT County. I'm tempted to try out your tribune deal, but then I wont get the red plum coupons, and the coupons are why I want the paper in the first place since I can read the news online. I really wish you could order coupons without having to order a paper that you don't read anyway. It seems like such a bad thing for the environment. Anyhow, how much for Sunday paper only? At least that way you save the planet a little.

Anonymous said...

Is this still available? How much a month per paper?

Heather Melo said...

can you tell me how much for subscriptions in utah county? Thanks!

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