Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Strawberries, Strawberries and more Strawberries

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Smashing strawberries for 1st batch of Jam
Oh my, is this day over yet?! Wow. I'm exhausted. It's been an incredibly productive day in some aspects. Today was all about strawberries. Tomorrow is all about cleaning my mess up from neglecting anything not having to do with strawberries. Fun times for me, huh?

Both batches of strawberry jam are done. DONE. One jar already went to Nana and Grandpa's house. Some are going to be frozen. Others are being processed in boiling water as I type. One is already half eaten. Seriously, what happened there?! At least I know it tastes good!
1st batch- done! Yum!
Here are 4 lbs of berries ready to be frozen. I'll show the last step tomorrow.

While I was waiting for jam to boil I decided to make a batch of fruit leather. It's still cooking, which I'm sure it will be for the next several hours. I made it a little thick. Hope it turns out!

I don't have a fancy canner or anything- just this nifty little Ball canning device I bought a couple years ago. I can only do the small jars, but it works well and only cost about $15! I don't do a lot of canning because well, I'll be honest- I hate it. The whole process. With a passion.

Here's my little helper spending some quality time on her tummy watching Mommy play with all the strawberries. 4 months old already! She was a good sport today, which is a relief.

I still have about 8 lbs in my fridge. More to come tomorrow...


Bianca and Anthony said...

Where did you buy the strawberries? Any good sale out there??

Bianca and Anthony said...

opss, never mind, just read the other post about the strawberries! :)

Sara said...

Do you do the cooked jam recipe on the pectin box? I do and have never boiled my jars. I just turn the jars upside down and they seal themselves! Love it! Not sure if boiling them makes them last longer, but strawberry jam in my house doesn't last long anyway!

Jenette said...

Fruit Leather?! YUM! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that recipe! ;)

Anonymous said...

You need a food dehydrator. I can make 9X that much leather at a time, and dried strawberries are great. You could also make tremendous use of your back yard fruit trees.

For Sara: You need to be processing your jam in boiling water if you store it on the shelf. Your jar might be sealed, but the contents are not reaching a high enough internal temperature to kill all the bacteria that can cause food-borne illness. There pretty much aren't any safe canning shortcuts - so sorry. Even if that's the way your grandma did it. But freezer jam is awesome too, and way faster!

Robyn Larson said...

How do you make your fruit leather? Do you add anything else to it (like sugar) or just pureed strawberries?

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