Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinterest Baking Successes! Cute Cupcakes!

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I actually have a fun little Pinterest SUCCESS story to share! It all started when I saw this cute, decadent looking cupcake idea on Pinterest.  Anyone with a website called Bakerella has to know what she's doing, right? Right! We had a big family get-together this past weekend and I knew I wanted to try these. The kids grown-ups will love them!

I opted to not use her meringue frosting recipe {hello- talk about too much work!} so I made a thick frosting instead. A little too thick in my opinion- next time I won't go that far. Frost cupcakes with lovely swirly motions, attempting to get the swirl as tall as possible without making the cupcake too top heavy.

Melt chocolate. Thin out with some shortening if you'd like. Freeze frosted cupcakes for about 30 minutes. Dip. Sprinkle. Voila! They turned out great! Not too time consuming and they were a fun variation on your typical frosted cupcake.

Mine looks just like hers doesn't it? {Insert uncontrolled, sarcastic laughter here.}

I also tried this new icing-bag-filling technique shown here. WOW. Where has this been all my life?! Scrape frosting out onto a piece of plastic wrap and roll up, then twist the ends. Insert plastic wrap roll into icing bag. Cut the ends of the wrap and start piping. Clean up is much easier! I filled my bag beyond max capacity, so I did have a little leakage, but really, it was a great tip!


Denise said...

on the frosting bag tip - only cut one end, the one at the tip. Don't cut the one at the top and you shouldn't have any leakage :)

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