Friday, June 1, 2012

Bonus 70 Swagbucks for Newbies

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New to Swag Bucks or have yet to register an email account in your house? Register here and get an automatic 30 Swag bucks. Then enter code JUNETASTIC while in the registration process and you'll get a bonus 70 Swag Bucks!! 

Swag Bucks continues to be a nearly effortless way I earn gift cards for searching around online. When you sign up for a SB account and use their search engine, you'll win swag bucks. Easy. Cash those in for gift cards and it's an easy way to, in my case, save money on diapers and baby wipes!

Others have had great success with the SB tip I shared last week. Happy Searching!!


mrsburleyford said...

I was at the West Valley Winco yesterday and they had 18 oz. tubs of blueberries for $1.48! They also had cheap blackberries and raspberries.

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