Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Smith's: FREE Pure Protein Bars, Air Wick Freshener & more!

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Utah Deal Diva Smith's grocery store sales using Utah Coupons

The new Smith's sale that begins tomorrow, 6/20 is a good one! They have 2 different promotions running, a "10 for $10" and a "Buy 5, Save $5." Make sure you purchase items in these increments to get the lowest price! {I don't think you'll have to buy 10 items for the 10 for $10 promo- but I don't want to say that until we know for sure!}
Utah Deal Diva Smith's grocery store sales using Utah Coupons

10 items for $10- $1 each item

There are a number of Kroger brand items that are participating- so be sure to look through any Smith's mailers you may have received to see if any coupons match up! Kroger frozen vegetables and sour cream are part of the promo- I know I have a .40/1 coupon for both of those!

Pure Protein Bars, $1
Air Wick Flip & Fresh air freshener, $1 {if this kind is included!}
  • Use $1/1 coupon from 6/3 SS
  • Final price: FREE
Renuzit Adjustables Air Fresheners, $1
  • Use Buy-2-Get-One-FREE coupon from 6/17 RP
  • Final price: .67 each
Dial liquid hand soap, $1
  • Use .35/1 coupon from 6/17 RP
  • Final price: .65
Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, $1
Suddenly Salad mixes, $1
Del Monte canned vegetables, $1
  • Use $1/5 coupon from 5/13 RP
  • Final price: .80
Utah Deal Diva Smith's grocery store sales using Utah Coupons

"Buy 5 Participating Items, Save $5 Instantly" Promo

Stouffer's Frozen Steamers entrees, $1.79
Lean Cuisine Entrees, $1.79
  • Use $1/4 coupon from 4/29 SS
  • Final price:$1.54
Kellogg's Cereal, $1.88
Kellogg's Pop-Tarts, $1.99
Morning Star Farms Entrees, $2.99
Keebler Townhouse Crackers, $1.99
Hot Pockets 12-ct , $8.99
Gerber Good Start Infant Formula, $20.49


tacy said...

Jessica- is there a secret to get to getting the coupons with only one barcode to scan?? I don't want to miss this sale. Should I maybe print in black and white. I've had so much trouble there lately

Utah Deal Diva said...

No, I think color prints are always a bit better. I just don't get why stores are having a hard time with these coupons! Frustrating! At any rate, I say if they don't scan, go to customer service afterwards and work it out there. That or explain to a manger that you've been having problems and see if he/she will help you check out.

tacy said...

Thanks, I did that last time and they were even less helpful than the cashier. I think if it doesn't work this time, I'm calling coperate.

Sarah said...

I have a question about the buy 5 save $5 deal. The fine print says 5 offers per transaction. Does that mean 5 itemm, or 5 sets of 5?

Nicole said...

Are you sure you have to purchase all 10 for the 10 for $10 to get the $1.00 price? I can't see anywhere in my ad that says you have to.

Utah Deal Diva said...

No- I'm not sure about the 10 for $10 thing! It's worded strangely, so I thought I'd say to buy 10 until we know for sure. If it's promoted as 10 for $10, in most instances, you don't have to buy 10, but again- this just looks odd! At any rate, I figured I'd update it tomorrow once we know for sure. :)

5 offers per transaction means we can purchase 25 participating items and get $5 taken off 5 times= $25.

jennifergalloway said...

Tracy I had the same problem a few months ago and I found out it was my printer. I had my husband print the coupon at work and it scanned fine. In the end we finnally just bought a new printer. It was just not printing the barcodes clear enough.

Kari said...

Also many of the kelloggs items have movie tickets codes. Enter 6 codes for a free ticket.

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