Friday, August 10, 2012

Introducing... Butter, with a Side of Bread!

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About a month ago I attended a blog conference held here in Park City called EVO. It's all about the Evolution of Women in Social Media. I met a lot of amazing people and attended the best class on social media ever {hello- it was 5 hours long!} You know what part of the conference made the biggest impression on me? The drive to and from each day. Not to diminish the conference at all- it was fantastic- but as any busy mom can understand, having 45 quiet, uninterrupted minutes twice a day for three days in a row- heavens, where can I sign up for that again?!

It was during those drives where I was inspired to make some changes on here. I love blogging- more so than I ever thought I would. Even though it's also a lot more work than I thought it'd be, it's so very rewarding on so many levels. Regardless, I felt overwhelmed and changes were needed.

So I brought Nellie on- who has been a lifesaver already in just the short amount of time she's been helping me! Thanks Nellie!

I'd like to introduce you all to another one of those changes, my new food blog, Butter, with a Side of Bread.  You all know I really enjoy cooking- I post recipes on here frequently! Well, I'd like a place where I can post more about food- including product reviews, restaurant reviews and well, really anything somewhat related! I've enlisted the help of my good friend Amanda Petersen- you remember her from all the photos she's taken for me recently? She too is a food lover! The minute the food blog idea popped into my head I simultaneously thought, I MUST get Amanda on board! Butter with a Side of Bread is going to be a lot slower paced than Utah Deal Diva but I will be posting recipes over there from here on out.  Here are a few things we're already talking about:

Later today I'll also post a lovely review of different Italian ices, which I've been infatuated with as of late. So delicious. Stop by and say hello- we even have a Facebook page! How official of us!


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