Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newspapers Only $20 per YEAR!

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**Update: You can now fill out most of the info I need online via this form. After I receive your order, I'll call you to say thank you and collect your payment info! ~Jessica

A few weeks ago I posted about a deal to get the Sunday-only newspaper for $20. That deal ended quickly, so I'm SUPER excited to tell you all that for the next 2.5 weeks, you can order the paper for that same price from me! Only $20 will get you a year's worth of papers- that works out to be just .38 per paper!

Here are the details:
  • You can order up to 4 subscriptions per household. I cannot do renewals, nor can you cancel your current subscription to get in on this one. 
  • You can choose between the Salt Lake Tribune and/or the Deseret Morning News. Both papers contain the EXACT same coupons! 
Email me at utahdealdiva at with NEWSPAPERS in the subject line and I'll respond quickly with information to place an order. 


Anonymous said...

I'm in southern utah. Do you know what papers are delivered down here and is there still no red plum insert in the papers up there?

Anonymous said...

I would love to get in on this deal. Does anyone have the answer to the above question. Please

Utah Deal Diva said...

Sorry- I'm usually so on top of comments!

YES- the Salt Lake Trib and Deseret News are both STATEWIDE papers- they deliver just about anywhere, save some more remote places of Utah.

These papers do not have the Red Plum, but since they are statewide publications, they do get extra SS and GM inserts throughout the year that no other paper gets.

I hope this helps! --Jessica

Anonymous said...

Hi! I currently getting the weekend papers (Fri-Sun) but only 2 copies. Can I purchase two more copies at this price?

Utah Deal Diva said...

Anon- YES! You can add up to 2 more copies for the $20 price, for a total of 4 papers!

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