Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Walmart Wednesday: Top 10 Price Matches (No Coupons Necessary)

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Walmart Utah Deal Diva
After scanning through all the weekly ads, here are some of my favorite deals this week (8/1-8/7)!   I came up with 10 (actually 13 this week!) deals that you can price match at Walmart to get fantastic savings on these items! 

You don't need any coupons to get these deals, although if you have coupons for these items you can obviously pair them with these deals for even more savings!  

eggs, dozen  $.99   (Walgreens)

*store brand sugar, 4 lbs.  $1.79  (Maceys)

*store brand flour, 25 lbs.   $6.99  (Maceys)

*store brand butter, 16 oz  $1.88  (Ridleys)

red or green grapes  $.99/lb  (Reams)

avocados  $.25/ea  (Rancho Market)

cherries  $1.67/lb  (Harmon's)

plums  $.50/lb  (Rancho)

peaches $.49/lb  (Sunflower)

boneless, skinless chicken tenders  $1.99/lb  (Sunflower)

boneless, skinless chicken breasts  $1.69/lb  (Reams)

*store brand milk, gallon  $2.00  (Smiths)
Use .75 off any brand gallon milk coupon here to get milk for $1.25!

*store brand cheese, 2 lb.  $3.99  (limit 1 per customer, all others $4.99 each)  (Buy Low)
Use $1 off any 2 lbs cheese coupon here to get block cheese for $2.99!!

Keep in mind that each store has different starting and ending dates for their sales.  Make sure to price match these items while the sales are still in effect!  
  • Macey's ad runs Mon-Sat
  • Rancho Market's ad runs Mon-Sun
  • Harmon's ad runs Mon-Sun
  • Ream's ad runs Tues-Mon
  • Ridley's ad runs Tues-Mon
  • Sunflower Market's ad runs Wed-Wed
  • Smith's ad runs Wed-Tues
*The official Walmart ad match policy states that they will not honor competitors' private label price promotions, so your store may not allow you to price match these items.  That being said, it seems as though many Walmart stores have no problem allowing you to purchase their store brand (Great Value) equivalent items at these sale prices.  


Carolyn said...

If I want to price match, do I need to bring in every different ad?

Franki said...

another good price match that I noticed is the Gogurts at Reams are $1.25 each and there is a $.75 off coupon off two on for them. So that makes them less than a dollar each.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I look at your site everyday and would love if you did this each week of the top few items. I scan the ads but always overlook something.

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