Friday, September 21, 2012

$7 for a 2-Year Subscription to Better Homes and Garden or Ladies Home Journal

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Groupon has several magazine subscriptions available for a great price!
This morning I received a "$5 off any Groupon" email, and then when I logged into Groupon, that coupon showed up automatically on my screen.  I know several other people have received the same thing today, but it seems that Groupon targets different areas at different times so you may/may not have received the same offer for this weekend.  Make sure to check your account!  If you did receive this offer, you can use it for any Groupon, but if you use it for this one, you can get a 2-year magazine subscription for only $2!


Dukes said...

Sweet! I got the $5 off! Thanks!

Winter said...

Wahoo! I used the $5 off and used some left over Groupon bucks from referring! Thanks!

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