Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amazon: Get Any Song for Only $.05!

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Apparently it's Amazon MP3's fifth birthday and to celebrate, you can purchase any song priced $1.29 or less for only a nickel!  You just have to let your Facebook friends know what your favorite song is and a credit will be added to your account.  You must redeem the credit before October 10.

Go here to get any song for $.05!


Tracie Parry said...

It looks like this credit is only for songs that actually cost $1.29. I used this promo and bought several $0.99 songs and I was charged $0.99 for every song :(

Amazon says on the promo page: "For a limited time, we will give you a credit that will allow you to purchase a $1.29 song for just a nickel."

So you might want to amend your post to show that this promo is only good on *ONE* song that specifically costs *$1.29* or less. :(

I wrote to Amazon about how I misunderstood the promo, I'll see what they say.

Tracie Parry said...

Amazon refunded me for the songs I was charged for and gave me a $5 mp3 credit :)

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