Friday, September 21, 2012

Ticket to Ride Board Game $33.92 Shipped

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Amazon currently has Ticket to Ride on sale for $33.92!  This is one of our family favorites - it is one of the rare games that my husband and I both enjoy, it doesn't take four hours to play, and when we play with friends, it doesn't take two hours to explain the rules because it isn't super complicated!  The game is normally $50 and board games like this are rarely on sale, so this is a great deal!  We try to get at least 1-2 new games every Christmas to add to our collection, so I'm always looking for good deals on games!

While I was browsing through the games, I noticed a couple more of our favorites:
  • Qwirkle ($17.95) - this is a great game that is simple enough for our older children (ages 5 and 7) to play, but is fun enough that adults love it too!
  • Spot It ($11.99) - our whole family loves this game and there are lots of different ways to play - simple enough that young kids can play it without any help, which is a HUGE bonus!
  • Blokus ($19.15) - Another fairly simple game that doesn't take too long to play and is great for both adults and older kids


Debbie said...

We love advanced board games. If you like Ticket to Ride, you should try the following games: Carcassonne, Dominion,& Power Grid!

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