Current Utah Newspaper Rates

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Newspaper subscriptions for the Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News are only $20 a YEAR! That works out to be just .38 per paper, per week! Use one measly .50 coupon and you more than pay for the cost of the paper!

Now you can upgrade your Sunday subscription to the Weekend edition for just $19 more for 52 weeks!

To get them ordered fill out this online form. If you don't feel comfortable ordering online, you can always call me at 801-698-6108 to give payment.

Here are the details:
  • You can order up to 4 subscriptions per household. I cannot do renewals, nor can you cancel your current subscription to immediately get in on this one. If you've recently cancelled a subscription, you'll need to wait a month after cancellation to subscribe again. You're considered a "new" customer if you've gone 1 month without a newspaper. 
  • You can choose between the Salt Lake Tribune and/or the Deseret Morning News. Both papers contain the EXACT same coupons! You can get one of each, or if you order 4 papers, you will get 2 of each.
  • One newspaper is $20, two papers is $40, three is $60 and four is $80 total!
  • To place an order, just fill out this online form.
  • If you have any delivery problems you need to contact Media One directly at 801-204-6100.
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